About Arugula

what kind of food does arugula serve?

mediterranean inspired dishes, using middle eastern, northern italian & french flavors.  everything is prepared in house, including our desserts, with the exception of our bread. we encourage you to share our cheese and charcuterie selections as well as our list of mezze and flatbreads.  we do not split in the kitchen, but are more than happy to offer sharing plates.


where do you get your desserts and can i purchase them wholesale?

​christiane creates and makes all the desserts in house.  we do not wholesale.


what is the ambiance at arugula?

​arugula is both a casual, comfortable & white table cloth bistro.  our dining room is welcoming, gracious & romantic, where we always strive to treat you as guests in our home.


are there vegetarian dishes?

​yes, we offer a selection of vegetarian dishes that have always been on the menu, e.g. eggplant napolean, rosemary polenta, wild mushroom lasagna, falafel, ful medames, most of our flatbreads….


on allergies….

if you have a soy allergy: most of our dishes contain oil which consists of a canola and virgin oil blend and our ingredients are marinated and seasoned in advance.  please understand that arugula cannot be responsible for individual reactions to any food products or guarantee that the food we serve is free from any allergen.  this menu, in no way should be considered medical advice.  please consult with your physician regarding particular foods that cause allergic reactions.

*we (the kitchen and floor staff) are not professionally trained on the intricacies of celiac disease or gluten intolerance and cannot be expected to provide recommendations or other advice on this issue, but have taken necessary precautions to provide you with a gluten-free item and will attempt to accommodate your individual requests.


do you have a “children’s menu”?

​no, not specifically….however, we have the arugula burger, a cheese and tomato flatbread & pasta w/butter/tomato/cheese that is almost always available…because we do not have “children’s portions”, the cost for these items is the regular menu price.


do you have take out?

​yes.  please be advised however, due to our small size, at any given time take-out orders may be halted temporarily, in order to provide our in-house guests w/timely & excellent service.


do you cater?

​we offer private parties in our bistro, either on mondays or sundays.  please contact christiane for further information.


do you have gift cards?

​yes, in any denomination.


how long has arugula been in business?

​christiane opened arugula, along with michael kask in 1996, in the back of what was oneta gallery with eight seats. after the gallery closed, she expanded, kept adding tables and finally in 1998, closed for a month to remodel, add a kitchen and reopen as it stands today.


who owns arugula?

​christiane gehami is the chef/owner, michael kask is the co-chef and stephen reynolds is the manager.  they can all be reached at the email address, cgehami@aol.com


what does the name arugula mean?

​it is a northern italian aromatic green, a bit peppery and christiane’s favorite leaf…the name is playful, rolls off the tongue easily and is fun to say!


where can customers park?

​metered parking can usually be found on either farmington avenue or south main street.  there is a parking lot behind max oyster bar, which is directly across the street from arugula or behind arugula in the lot where barcelona is located.


dress code?

​absolutely none.  wear what you are comfortable in.


corkage fee?

​we kindly ask that customers refrain from bringing their own wines. our wine list includes old and new world selections and wines that are biodynamic and sustainable.  we also try and include women vintners.

our beer list is left in the capable hands of stephen reynolds.


how many seats does the bistro have?



do you accept reservations?

​yes. it is recommended, especially on weekend nights. when making a reservation, we try and accommodate your request for seating but cannot always grant your wish.  one of the most requested tables is the one “by the window”; due to it’s popularity, we do not take reservations for that table – it is only available on a first-come-first-serve basis.   it is generally given to the first 4-top of the evening… if you are running late, kindly give us a call to let us know! due to our size and volume of reservations, we reserve the right to release your table after 15 minutes if we have not heard from you…


what credit cards do you accept?

​master card, visa, discover & american express


what is a quartino?

​a quartino is 9oz. of wine, or, one and 1/2 glasses.